Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm With Coco Too! On The Late Night Silliness...

I dont know whats wrong with network TV programmers, but for them to think that Jay Leno could carry a 10PM time slot was just crazy! What is more crazy is how much this is costing them, and that they had to move Conan and his crew of writers and producers to LA to begin with. Why does the Tonight Show have to be shot in LA?

Its not 1975 and we're not all dozing to the tonight show after the news...sorry guys, Jay Leno was only ever viable at that time because of the news lead-in. Obviously as a lead-in to the news himself, he cant cut it. Jay must have had some iron clad pay or play deal that made it worthwhile for them to keep him and oust Coco. Money talks, and its just too bad...but maybe we'll see someone new and interesting emerge.

Conan is bound to land on his feet. Hes much more cutting edge and youthful than the tonight show and he may find that he prefers the freedom to try other things. He presents more risky comedians and appeals to an audience that is a little more thoughtful. But that doesn't mean that Jon Stewart doesnt blow them all away! (Well, maybe Craig Fergusen is a contender but he is on much later.)

So long Conan...I never watched Jay and I'm not gonna start now.
And hey, we're getting the Food Network back! yay!

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