Monday, August 03, 2009

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment...

I've been listening to stories of desperate wingnuts, working for insurance lobbyists, disrupting town halls held by our representatives who are returning home to speak with their constituents...One story reports attacks so aggressive that a certain senator had to be escorted out of the meeting in his own state! My God, when will the American people tell these corporations that they have no audience? When will we just say no? Can we not even have our own local meeting without outside interests importing people to disrupt our communication with our representatives?

Keith Olbermann is back. Its unclear how long he is actually back for or if MSNBC would be crazy enough to get rid of him, but he named O'Reilly the second worst woman in the world for a bald faced lie that he caught him in on tape, and then proceeded to pass on this very real information. There is an election next year, and if its preferable for you to have Corporate America in your business and controlling your life, then just keep electing these people. If you've had enough, start taking names and planning on who should go; that's a bipartisan suggestion.

Remember, those of you who are bristling against a government being too involved in your life, the insurance companies have all of your information and they are selling it to their closest partners if you don't read the tiny print and fill out a form and get it back to them!
Any claim that sounds insane, such as that under the government plan, which is merely a choice, we have to decide how we want to die and when we have to die, is not true....if it sounds crazy, its likely not true. Read the bill people...its important enough to take the time and at least skip around in it here. The let your representatives know what you want, and let them know that the lobbyists that are giving them huge donations must stop with their guerrilla tactics! It has to stop NOW!

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