Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hit and Run ...Defending the Indefensible; Markos on Colbert

Kos is seemingly everywhere this week, and even though I'm starting to feel like a fringe edge of some sitcom career prep course, it seems to me like these guys might be just making sure that even the folks who really do only get their news this way understand free speech...or something like that.
Stephen Colbert is one of my hero's, and I have to say that ever since he stood up at the White House Correspondent's dinner in '06 and smeared the President to his face, he has not disappointed.

From the goose stepping blogschtappo pillow fort:

It occurs to me that this is sort of scripted, and it annoys me a little that Markos talks as if he is speaking to his child...but actually, Colbert in his Papa Bear persona is alot like a child.

Have a good day everybody...I'm off...

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Reasons to be Cheerful...

Few and far between...I know...but, between the hilarious spectacle that was the Iowa Straw Poll, detailed at Brilliant at Breakfast by guest blogger extraordinaire JurrassicPork, and Markos himself appearing on Meet the Press to debate Harold Ford, centrist democrat, and the conversation this morning centering on the democrats turning on each other...well, its a good day in the news.
Add to that that our own Sam Seder will be broadcasting today, Sunday, 4-7 PM, from his bunker in an undisclosed location, along with the new embedded Sammy-cam that will allow him to put the window into the world o' Sam onto his blog page live....Not only that!!..Sam will be covering for Rachel Maddow on Monday from, I believe 6-8, and then on the same night, for Mike Malloy on Nova M, 9-midnight, both also available streaming via embedded Sammy-Cam!
Why am I so happy about this? I don't know....honestly, I have given up Air America. The new owners seem to have decided to offer a bit of programming, and use the rest to air infomercials and shows that they themselves host....
But I am looking forward to some good kick-ass commentary in the face of the clownish goings on in the republican race, and the flooding of the airwaves with democratic ideas via too many debates to count. I love to see this stuff make it on to the M$M just to somehow undermine the drip, drip, drip of disinformation that has lulled this country to sleep...

According to Young Turk Cenk
"we have no hope," The end is nigh....
Y'know, back when Reagan was president and in NYC there was an almost overnight influx of poor folks and AIDS patients living on the streets, and while watching the early groundwork be laid for what is coming down now, I felt that sort of despair. I don't know how actually young that Young Turk is, but even as someone who was not old enough to vote but who had been aware of the goings on in the country, I worked for Carter, and I then worked against Reagan/Bush.

While I welcome reformed conservatives to the table, it always sort of perplexes me when I see such despair. The things happening now are the result of years and years of republican planning and likely, if you were one of them, you were there at the inception. So, with that very large platform that Cenk has, I'd like to see a little more of the pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps-take-your-Prozac and get to work attitude! Its interesting how someone who was previously opposed to the Democratic party, and who then supposedly embraced it, can seemingly easily bring up a certain amount of hate and disdain for those who are trying to undo something that, one could say, has been a long process supported all along, Cenk!

The degree of my disdain for the toothless Democrats is indescribable. We are about to push into a second (third, depending on how you're counting) unimaginably stupid and reckless war - and they have no idea how to stop it. They are completely incapable of fighting back. I'm not even sure they know what's going on. They seem like feckless, clueless, sad little kids running around the hall as Vice Principal Cheney yells at them.

Yes, things are worse, and totally out of control right now....yes its bad...yes they suck...But did you really think that it was gonna be just that easy?
Centrists do not represent us any more than republicans at this point. And as glad as I am to hear the likes of centrists speak out in this way, I think that the point of the whole thing is that we cant expect a quick fix or any time when we wont have to apply pressure to these idiots. And I find it sort of childish to chew off your own leg to get out of the trap there, buddy.
When Folks like this begin wringing their hands in despair and making conclusive statements that its all over, I get moving. Not to dump it all on Cenk or anything, but it seems like this is a person who came late to the party, throws in the towel pretty easily, and then imagines that HIS article will be the one quoted on this in future years, because he was one person who KNEW this information.
Why does this stick in my craw?

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