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Israel, Iran, Iraq, Lieberman Speaks w/ Foot-in-Mouth Again...Half-Breed Is All I Ever Heard.....And Tony Soprano Through The Looking Glass.....

A couple of weeks ago I was at the bar mitzvah of a close friend's son, and had the opportunity to talk with another friend's husband from here in Stamford, and a certain not so little community of Jews in and around Revonah, from which has spawned the likes of Senator Joementum Lieberman. We were looking at the glass cases of Jewish memorabilia and I was commenting on how my grandfather has a piece of camp money just like what we were looking at, framed on his old friend or business acquaintance had given it to him when Grandpa was doing something or other for Israel in the olden days. There was something about me declaring in some way that a part of my family had done something for Israel and the Jewish community in New York that sort of emboldened him into thinking that I was of the like mind that is whispered in the Jewish community here.
The wife, a friend of mine who is liberal but who seems to draw the line in what we can discuss, at Israel (and believe me, I don't think this can be discussed, any more than any religiously driven war can,) knows most of my politics and was literally stuffing her husband into the car as he exclaimed "I hope that Bush just hurries up and attacks Iran and gets it over with for the sake of Israel, before hes out of office...."
I think I was screeching, "ARE YOU KIDDING?" as I saw her lips moving furiously behind the Volvo glass and they proceeded to wave nicely and drive away...clenched teeth probably muttering about how I'm not one of them...not really...My Mom is a catholic, don't you know!...never was, never could be...thats the heart of it; Whats your Mom?
One thing thats really gotten to me about a big part of the Jewish community here (and probably in general) is that they worship Israel as a promised land in such a knee jerk fashion, and if I ever get down to really talking with most of these people, their feelings are not based in logic and reality, but in fear and indoctrination. I know people who go there for summers as if its their country home, people who plan to be buried there, and people, like this guy, who want to go and settle the front lines there and be a human shield to protect Israel from the evil Palestinians. I should add that his wife poo-poohs that, and says that they will, of course, never do that. But that doesn't stop them from indoctrinating their kids with this deep love of Israel as their REAL country and where they should be sending their resources. And to hear her son talk about the deep spiritual feeling that he got from being in Israel with a big group from his Jewish school in the yearly trips they take, added to his other trips, and how he wanted to raise more money for Israel...well....
I'm working with people in the inner city and busting my ass here to try to get computers and supplies to the "other America," which John Edwards speaks of, and which exists in greater and greater numbers right here, next door....people who cant get jobs and until recently, an uninformed voting block of young people who felt like they had no say in why bother voting...? That is until you lose your country twice to election fraud that made each and every vote count so much that...well, it would be a different world right now if nader had stepped back, and if every kid had voted...and if everyone who wanted to vote had been able to.

Another friend, who is much less involved with the whole synagogue world and more liberal and involved in the American community here...this community of immigrants and a rainbow of people outside of the Revonah Woods world, ...her older son's bar mitzvah project involved bringing canned foods to the poor in our town here....Social jews like I grew up with who havent gone overboard and carefully reach out to all of those around them.
My feeling is that if you are an American and you see that there are lots of problems are educating your kids here and you have a career pay into the system here and expect to retire here...and expect your grandkids to be raised here...then you may be an American, not an Israeli. The huge American investment in Israel has to do with many things, with fear being key to alot of the heavy support that I see. I'm talking about people who, if you question them closer, have been raised in synagogues and homes where they have been told that when there is another Holocaust, they will need a land to flee to. This is stated as if the Jews are the only group that have or will ever have a Holocaust type of crime committed against them...and, in my mind, in the same world where the Darfur genocide is happening right now, how can any of this make sense?
If, and its a big if, there were ever a holocaust here, we would all band together as Americans and fight it...not flee to another country. To expect less is a slap in the face to me and every other American halfbreed shiksa spawn, not to mention gentile and/or human being, including the Muslims, who it is said, are told by the Koran to "kill the Jews."....
When does the insanity end?

Its one thing to hear this stuff from old people in their 90's who were in the camps and who's parents fled the Nazi's or the pogroms or whatever. Its wholly different to see my peers: educated, liberal, Americans in their 40's, with careers and families, disolve into the line of "the rabbis always said..." or "we were raised to think..."
What do you think now? Where is your information coming from? And who told you that Faux news was incorrect on most issues but the ONLY network that was truthfully reporting on Israel?
These are all things that Ive heard on a daily basis around here...and things that I never wanted to go into.
Part of it is my very real hurt from the Jews in my life making it clear to me that I was not a full fledged member of my father's family because my Mom is a Catholic. But this message also came from people who are "social Jews" and who never took the time to try to officially convert us, much less to attend any synagogues regularly themselves. But somewhere there is the idea of not only having male heirs, and that sexism thing, and also having real Jew male heirs, that seems to jump across all logical reality and rest somewhere in between the cracks of the Western Wall....
"Thank you god that I was not born a woman..."
Yeah, right...good luck with that, bub!

If you are an immigrant you love and support your home country, but you also embrace your new country as your own...especially a couple of generations down the line?
I am an American out of Russia and Germany and Sweden and off the Fucking Mayflower, and Im a little tired of people funneling money to other countries for whatever reasons that are not about actually about helping people for humanitarian reasons!
Lets be clear once and for all about what our reasons are for supporting Israel or Darfur or Iraq and Iran, and if they make any sense along the way, OK?
You left your family behind to try to blaze a new trail in a country where there is more (though less and less) opportunity than where you came from? OK...
You want to spread our brand of democracy to a country that hasn't asked for it? Not OK...
You want oil, military bases, and land for your own land....I can understand that on some level, so OK...(it at least makes some basic sense from a certain point of view.)
You think that a holocaust is coming to your people and you think that God gave you the land of your God, where all sorts of religious things happened and that were written on stone and on papyrus leaves ...and then told through generations...and then some thousands of years later the UN decided in some back room dealings to GIVE you God's lands officially....and you have to flee there because you are unsafe here...?...less safe than any other group in particular?
Its a little far fetched to me....a long religious war ensues and no one will ever back down? Not OK....
I will be able to accept it all when this guy and his family, and Joe Lieberman and his family, move to Israel and give up their American citizenship in order to protect what God has left to them. Otherwise, what is it exactly that Joe is talking about here?
I cant embed the video here yet, but the link just above will take you to Joe's comments on Iran and our need to go in there and show them who is boss...not like, a ground war mind you...but use of force in one way or another , regardless of what it would mean to the balance of things, diplomacy, our inept leaders...just use this fucked up administration to carry out what is the Jewish line around here, and probably elsewhere; Iran is a danger to Israel and America needs to take it out.
Screw the crap about military bases and whatever else Joe is spewing...he is full of lies...and Mark Green has removed Sam Seder, Marc Maron, and anyone else from the airwaves who will speak out about this...(well, maybe Randi....but last I heard, she wont speak about Israel.)

I have no real dog in this fight except that I want to stop the war, bring our troops as close to home as we can, as quickly as we can...and I really want to see America start working on border security, import-export security, and re-regulation of big business and the divide between the CEO level and the workers in this country...the Two Americas as John Edwards would care...and a turn towards a basically more socialist form of democracy. The unregulated, unexamined growth of capitalism has been a disaster, and its not gonna, again, we have to turn this boat around before it hits an iceberg.
I think that ultimately, even in these strange times that we're living in, the human suffering involved in this piece of things already is more than is morally acceptable to most Americans.

Yesterday and last night I kept trying to write a post here that was going round and round in some fun house mirror-broken image that life seems to have become for me these days. I was talking about how maybe none of this or anything is real, and how it seems almost like a grand kabuki dance representing the deep dysfunction inherent in the human condition (yes I have been reading a very old translation of Bernard Henri Levy's Barbarism With a Human face...and yes, I know that its probably not the best thing for me to read right now...) ...and also a repeat of what this species seems to do over and over again...Which has something to do with the definition of insanity, right? But its not even the expectation of a different outcome, because this time God is real, and this guy knows what hes doing, that has me in a twist; its the weakness with which we take for granted the swarm of paparazzi on the screeching Hilton's car, her anguished face and mental illness splashed across the Post, because this picture is what WE want...we want it; and what the public wants , the public gets...the specter of McCain AGAIN given feature slot o' Sunday time to spew HIS garbage......
AND the return to negotiation of a political party that we put into power recently to go and do our bidding, as if we really didn't mean END THE WAR!....and its the very loud hole in our press coverage of how devastating the worldwide outcry against America has been as Bush makes his tour through the waning moments of "power," or whatever they are calling that particular psychopathology anymore. Lame sociopath....
Friday, somewhere between Kieth Olbermann pulling his ear piece out, because he too is 3 weeks behind on the Sopranos and he didn't want to hear the guest commentator's wrap down of the last few episodes, and midnight, I decided to stop what I was trying to do and watch a mini Sopranos marathon so I could stop humming loudly whenever it comes up on whatever new show I'm watching....and to avoid the inevitable spoilers for the rest of the week as this thing gets deconstructed.
And there, in the last episode when the three pronged death plot is put in place, and slo-mo blood flies, between the glaring mention of Sylvio being in "critical condition," (because Miami Steve keeps his options open,) and Tony going to sleep cradling his uzi ( what I think might have been his mother's bed...?...ah, who knows?....,)I was again struck by the universality of what seems to be basic human animal instinct...and just a little bit of history repeating...
These people are not my friends and I don't think Ill miss them. I grew up with one too many people like that in Brooklyn.... and when it comes down to the cocktail party where a dazed and confused Melfi is, finally, after all of these years, looking at the situation and saying to herself..." you think so?...hmmm..maybe I'll have to check that out..." Like that was the first time she really looked into what was going on...? PLEASE!!...I just sort of lost it. If it wasn't so true to life, or what passes for MY life, it would be laughable.
You know who she reminds me of? Condi Rice!! A highly educated puppet for whatever leader makes her feel like a woman out of control and a man in control all at the same time....and she falls for it hook, line, and sinker...its fascinating and powerful and sexy and fun....and it has an ideology and intellectual basis that gives it some reason...but does that make it right? And has she or any of us struggled enough with the ramifications of entertaining the emotional basis of this type of pathological, aberrant behavior, explained away as necessity or illness or whatever...and is it aberrant behavior anyway?...and how does that make YOU feel?.... But what compels her to set aside common logic and treat this guy, even after she realized what was going on? Would it be the same if he was, say, a pedophile as opposed to a murderer and crime boss? Both types of sociopaths cant be cured and use the psychological system to strengthen why would one be acceptable and one not?...ah, its social....:
The sleazy Bogdonovitch, playing himself, no doubt, uses Melfi's dangerous patient as a titillating cocktail conversation booster for his own bored and boring purposes. ( Hey now, there is a shrink I'd like to confide in...not!!...but then I thought he was reprehensible from the get go.) Suddenly then, in the light of her half drunk shrink friends, she could see clearly the line she had been straddling for too many years. ...or at least the need to read the fucking study...sheesh!
As is usual in these matters, the shrink is more fucked up than the patient...or was it supposed to be partly about that anyway? Like, were we supposed to take her seriously all of these years?

How does one put one foot in front of the other, moving forward with such surety, effecting the world, but not ever stopping to look at what the repercussions are?, what if you're wrong, or you missed something? Does it take a huge table of your peers gossiping snarkily to make you go, "hmmmm....I should look at that." What is it with shrinks these days?

And then, what of George Bush and his crew...his doctors, his psychopharmacologist, his advisors..? The bubble of yes-men has surely broken enough that he can see who is screaming at him to look closer at what the people want....or, at least to look at his own legacy, if nothing else!
What is that all about if not the ongoing delusion of a sociopath and his enablers?

So, like a count of the dead in Iraq since the Democrats decided to vote to fund the surge, maybe Melfi has to take a look at who got killed while she, a professional with a duty to report abuse or murder, turned a blind eye and, in fact, supported his sociopath tendencies.
And Melfi is not real...its the Bushies who need to take a good hard look at themselves and, for lack of a better explanation of what the fuck has happened to this country, go directly to jail...or at least step down and slither away like the snakes they are.

If this is some sorta Kabuki representing all of man's history from the primordial ooze, to the intelligent design mid-section (which people sorta halfway have to believe when the alternative is the nothing but blackness beyond this place,) to George Jetson's "Jane, stop this crazy thing!" its a slo-mo dance of the absolute ...denial and power and surety to a fault, yet all based in fear and control.

This is the ME generation's reality, which is that individual interest seems to trump even the survival of the species or ME must go on somehow and should be able to take it with you/ME/I.
And nothing is really wrong with that because its instinct to feather your nest at the expense of others...and that is a great argument for Darwinism in and of itself! Self delusion about you and your kind does nothing if not move evolution along in one way or another.

But, Don't we wreck everything ultimately? ...and dont we do it over and over again in a predictable manner?
And sometimes it seems to me that its the artists, the empathetic commentators, the emotional liabilities, who are not bound to survive in the grand scheme of things. People who think and feel are probably on the way out, folks...surety is in, no matter what it takes down with it. As long as God is on my side, I know what to do...whats right...and I'll have fries with that!
That may be the base of the neocon movement and the mafia and humanity, when it comes down to it....
Ethics and morality and the endless agony of the poets...the philosophers and comics...gone!
Its hedge fund time, baby!!

I keep thinking that there is the possibility that they know something that we dont...and its probably that the niceness and order that we are trying to impose onto the barbaric animals that we really are,...impose rules by any means possible, folly. We are not built that way...and its not necessarily kindness and gentleness that is seen in the Bible, unless you pick and choose among some certain things that Jesus said in the New Testament...OK, OK, OK....
Maybe I'm delving a little too close to that all popular Catholic belief that mankind is born bad (bad, bad, bad!)....I don't mean that at all, (I only got that halfway anyway...the other half is Jewish neurosis; which maybe also translates to bad, but not fromt he same root....) I just mean that if we are to deny the base animal form of humans, we cant ever deal with the parts of ourselves that want to control all the oil in the world, much less the neighborhood and asbestos dumping.
As far as Tony Soprano being the everyman representing the neocon movement and their cluelessness about their own sociopath insides (...but then, I don't know how much sociopaths are really in touch with their insides at all, or how much they feel that the rules of society relate to them in particular,) I cant say much more,....
But I did want to say that that Jill bowled me over Saturday morning with her take on the state of things as seen through the Sopranos lens, over at Brilliant at Breakfast, and probably said alot of this more concisely than I ever could in my wandering wordiness.

So long Tony...if he lives or dies...well, I don't care, and I'm not so sure that is the point or if it matters anyway . It seems to me that the real essence of this whole thing with the family, the kids the pool, taking out the garbage, and living the "real life," is the image of Tony in the bed cradling his "gun"...Did anything thats happened over all these years make any difference in Tony at all? The therapy? The deaths? The attempted suicide by his son?....I don't think so...
I keep thinking that at the end of the last episode he will wake up from a long, long dream and put on his suit and go to his job as a stockbroker in Manhattan or something...wouldn't that be the cherry on the cake? The Who Shot J.R.?, was this a big waste of time manipulation or what?
Have we really looked into ourselves and learned from Tony? Can you learn from a bozo sociopath?...just remember that no one ever really changes...ever...
I'm not saying that I haven't enjoyed the ride, and the cinematography and the scenery of my childhood...but I'm glad its over. Lets move on.

Big Love is back on Monday...the surge continues and no plans to pull out are forthcoming, I get the watch the entire Tudors season on DVD, and Big Brother is starting soon.
Not only that, the bird store is brimming with feathered, half naked, squawking, screaming babies...(and Todd there at midnight feeding them, ...and hearing the squawking on the phone....and I can only equate it to having an infant human, in the exhaustion and circle running that goes on every spring in that world....)
And I need someone to come here and build me a little chicken coop (if you know of a carpenter who needs some work!) I want a couple of chickens.
And just now, in the supermarket parkign lot, a man with a "Jesus Saves" cap on came over to tell me that he could tell from my "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" bumper sticker that I would understnad about the chemical trails in the sky and the unmarked planes dumping chemicals over the sky was trying so hard to he could see that I believed in the rapture and he was glad I did....and I just said that none of it mattered except that we have to end the war(s) and bring the troops home...sort the rest out later.
And he said, "you know, the first time I voted for Bush it was because I was convinced that he was a man of was completely about his religion...then I realized that he is not a religious guy. Who was it that said that when you get to heaven in the rapture the people there are not going to be who you thought would be there at all...?" I told him that I didnt believe in the rapture and that if there was any chance of any of these people being there that I will take my chances with the alternative...but that no God that I could ever imagine, determines the afterlife fortunes of one or another person based on some earthly ideal made up!
something like that...I dunno...
The sky is full of chemicals and the internets have been down all day...and finally Dell and Cablevision have BOTH taken responsibility for the insane amount of tech problems that Ive been having maybe the end times are near! I'll know when my network finally works smoothly that its time to prepare for the rapture...Until then, its just goona have to be some sort of backing up of that sucker until youre sure that its not goning to the big garbage can in the ether....(where it maybe belongs anyway...yeah!)

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Scooter Go Bye-Bye...Moose on the Loose in Stamford...Tornados, Hail, Violent Thunder Storms...Oh My!!

Libby got 2.5 years, and I'm pretty Ok with that, though I cant see that the folks who wrote him letters of leniency were folks who were charged with not only us, but Valerie Plame, as an agent of ours!...I dont think that its OK for them to write letters of support for this criminal who is openly taking the fall for the worse criminals in our governement! I think that all of those rotten apples have to go. Its highly irregular to have top government officials go to bat for a convicted criminal, and make arguments along the lines of the convicted being just too busy to remember ANYTHING....
This is pathetic and I hope that Scooter enjoys his moments in jail before his pardon...I hope that every American looks at this for what it is: an inside job underlying the machinations that worked to send us into a needless war that has put us in danger and debt....and killed so many of our kids, not to mention the uncounted innocent Iraqis too....
Even if Scooter ends up never spending a day in jail, the civil trial will be strengthened by this conviction, and according to Joe Wilson on Kieth Olbermann this evening, Cheney and those higher ups who the American people deserve to hear on this matter will definitely be named in this action!...and clearly, the transparent attempt to block Valerie Plame's book will be defeated too.

What kind of a wonderful world is this that I live in...? Back home with my birds, dogs, plans for a few chickens, and counting down to upcoming mornings of not waking up for the school bus... and watching my lil' slackers become summer slackers in this only ever summer of their 14th year....
I finally was starting to catch up this morning except for the self-replenishing pile of paper on the desk here and the fact that I forgot all lists upon leaving the house, therefore making it impossible to actually do much of anything out there besides finally stopping to buy the grill that Ive been circling for weeks now.
But it was upon arriving really, really late at the gym this morning that a "friend" was laughing at me and saying that she thought that maybe the moose had gotten me! ...Moose!!??

Well, apparently we had a moose on the loose here in Stamford that had traveled from Northern Fairfield County to just about right here in my neighborhood...Clop, clop, clop, walking up running across the Darien golf course, like a very large horse, and finally causing some schools and businesses to lock down, before running into the Merritt parkway and getting hit by a car. Animal control apparently had to put it down, and the people in the car had to be extricated with heavy equipment...
The year that Will was born I lived just outside of Portland Maine, where the Moose rules all...and it is well known that you don't want to hit a moose on the highway because the moose will likely live and the car will be an accordion. Here in Connecticut we have only around 100 moose in total, and they reside in the furthest north-west corner of the, like the recent whales and dolphins showing up way off course, and the increase of bears and bobcats and coyotes entering areas where they never would have been found before because feel turned upside down.
And the poor guy was put down...which, I'm sure we will hear more about, as the animal rights people around here are pretty strident. And I guess I care more about that than who was hurt in the car...

Then, as I was figuring a way to rush home and put some hay in the yard to try to lure the thing here, my phone email started pouring in with all of these emergency weather notices about extreme storms coming and how we should take cover...violent thunderstorms, big hail, and tornadoes were moving from the northern coastal towns towards where I in the gym, yes, but still....
What kind of craziness is this?
The flooding wont stop, a worse than usual storm season is promised, mosquitoes are HUGE, theres a moose in the backyard, and its hailing!
The endtimes are nigh, kids....
and just to confirm that, Conan O'Brien is featuring Marc Maron tomorrow (Wednesday,) who will again remind us how fucked things are in general, and also what we're missing every day on the Green's AAR 2.0. Someone had better get smart and give this guy a regular gig really quickly...he is full of material, information, opinion, and angst, and hes ready to go...lets get on with it, OK? We need the funny, we need it regularly, and we need it NOW!

Next up, a plague of tiny frogs or grasshoppers or something slimy, like slugs (the only animal I fully dislike...hate!)...(and an unshaven Dan Abrams filling in for Joe Scarborough!)
Maybe I can grill just once or twice on the new grill before the next blow?

Moose update: A New Hampshire woman hit the moose on the Merritt Parkway, totalling her car and injuring the Moose...She was extracted and taken to the hospital. The Moose was too badly injured to save, so had to be put down...RIP baby...Next time, head north...what a beauty!

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