Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wacko Bush Speaks Again; Put a Sock in it! !Welcome to the Brilliant, Welcome to the World, such as it is, Violet Marie! No Parrots!! Too Many Words!!

There is a bee outside my window!

One of my favorite reads lately is Jill's Brilliant at Breakfast Around the Blogroll in which she introduces us to what shes found out there in the blogosphere, with always some new writer/article/blog who I never would have found without her knowledge of these here tubes that we call the Internets. And I'm not just saying that because today she paid me one of the biggest compliments that I think Ive ever gotten in my entire life of being the one who was considered to be the "good" writer of whatever situation I might find myself in. Not for readership's sake, though I welcome any of you who are popping over here and I really welcome comments, but because I respect Jill's writing, her commentary, and her self discipline (which I totally lack, in the shorter is better dept....Ive been trying to learn that since high school but it doesn't stick, so it may be book time coming up sooner than I have time for.) Thanks Jill and welcome to Jill's readers. You may even like the parrots...(I have dogs too, you know, just write about them less...) And really because, without people like Jill I might not have tried or ever continued, when I got up the nerve to tell a few people that I was writing again.

It is a sparkling day here on the east coast of America, in the richest county this side of Palm Beach, and another dawning of some sorta recommitment to the "surge?"...Is that even humanly possible? Is anyone listening to Bush speak lately?...chicken plucking? polls go poof? When does he get HIS the mental ward?

Half the people I know are in horrible pain for various reasons right now, but mostly having to do with loss and relationships....and no one needs any advice, nor can they take it, but the only feeling that I have about these things anyway is this: feelings can be painful, but they wont kill you. It may feel like they will sometimes, but they won't. Feelings, hold on to the wall and wait as long as it takes. Don't buy a gun, don't go running back to anything that makes you unhappy, and try not to fall apart.
This is from someone who is firmly on antidepressants and still has to balance carefully who and what is around me....But the important thing is that, life is full of texture...all of the beautiful pictures of the perfect house and wedding and prom, those intense feelings of forever, are just fleeting moments that we create so that we can make our memory books....Life is pretty rough, but without that you wont feel the smoothness when it comes. It seems to me lately, maybe the shining moments can carry us through...I don't know for sure, but Im feeling more and more like the light at the end of the tunnel is getting a tiny bit brighter. Of course, when you go into the tunnel and see the light it can go either way, so lets hope that this isn't the death light, but rather some sort of dawning....Like, Joe Trippi is going to run Edwards campaign...cut to the angels singing. Gonzo's going down, in that deer in the headlights unreality of saying "I don't remember" 70+ times!! Its embarrassing and pathetic and I hope that his hell is reliving this moment over and over for all eternity, just for the attitude....Alec Baldwin showed us the mechanics behind laying the groundwork for real abuse and its out there so that all of us who have heard that shit can say, "Yeah, fuck him!! Fuck you Alec...and all of your buddys...and your fundamentalist brother too!"
Look, I know that it wont last, because everything runs in cycles and all, but maybe we're gonna get a little reprieve from the constant hammering thats been going on for years now....maybe fantasy-land has to hang on a sec so that we can clean up the mess for the children.

To PJ Sauter and the infamous Raging Granny (I hope to hear you all singing happy birthday!), a big congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter, Violet Marie....Grandpa and Grandma are working very hard for little Violet to grow up in a kinder world....Thats what its all about. (Note: the stand-in newborns above are NOT Violet, but she will be posted if and when pictures come my way!)
Smell her head and remember this fleeting moment, because before you know it she'll be showing up at the door telling you how much she hates her life and rolling her eyes at you because you are so silly....But the beauty of grandparenthood is that you can usually give them back at the end of the day! You guys are awfully young for this duty, but I think you're up to it!

flower images brought to you by Suzanne Camejo (the lovely woman who puts up with my father.)

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